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The Holy Friendship Summit will…
  • Follow the Biblical mandate to love our neighbors
  • Bring together clinicians, clergy, educators, congregations and friends to share love, resources, and guidance
  • Teach congregations and clergy how to respond to, interact with, and care for people struggling with pain and addiction
  • Strengthen professional and community ties in the midst of crisis
  • Produce new and valuable re-sources to help clergy, congregations, families, and friends
  • Engage in a yearlong research project that will result in the publication of a new book that will be a resource guide to clergy, congregations and clinicians.
Speakers include:
Andy Crouch, past editor of Christianity Today Link to Bio
Katelyn Beaty, past editor of Christianity Today Link to Bio
Rev. Joel Shuman, Theologian and Retired Physical Therapist Link to Bio
Rev. John Swinton, Theologian and Mental Health Nurse Link to Bio
Warren Kinghorn MD, ThD Theologian and Psychiatrist Link to Bio
Farr Curlin MD, Nationally Recognized Christian Physician and Palliative Care Physician Link to Bio
Ray Barfield MD, PhD, Pediatric Palliative Care Oncologist and Christian Philosopher Link to Bio
Andi Clements,PhD, professor of psychology at East Tennessee State University (ETSU) Link to Bio