Friday 8am – Registration and Breakfast (Sponsored by Chick Fil A)

Friday 9am – Opening Session

Welcome and Introductions – Roger Leonard & Lottie Ryans

Welcome from Celebration Church – Pastor Robert Russell

Welcome from Niswonger Children’s Hospital – Lisa Carter

Worship – Adoration Worship Band

Opening Prayer and Call to “Come to Jesus and be the Church” – Marvin Cameron

Video greeting – VADM Jerome Adams, Surgeon General of the United States

Overview of the Summit – Andi Clements and Farr Curlin

Friday 10am – Break

Friday 10:15am – Breakout1: Understanding the problem better

  • Friday 10:15am Breakout 1a: Understanding the opioid crisis as Christians
    • Presenters: Brett McCarty, Todd Whitmore, John Swinton, Mark Hicks
  • Friday 10:15am Breakout 1b: What to do with pain?
    • Presenters: Farr Curlin (moderator), Joel Shuman, Alan Meade, and Ray Barfield
  • Friday 10:15am Breakout 1c – Understanding trauma and its role in addiction
    • Presenters: Andi Clements, Becky Haas

Friday 11:15am – Break and “Meet the Author (Becky Haas)”

Friday 11:30am – Plenary: Re-Membering Pain

Speaker – John Swinton

Local respondent – Phil Kenneson

Friday 12:30pm “Meet the Author” – John Swinton (12:30-12:45 only); Networking Exposition and Lunch (Sponsored by Chick Fil A)

Friday 1:45pm – Breakout 2: What can be done?

  • Friday 1:45pm Breakout 2a: Different options for treating different forms of addiction
    • Presenters: Andi Clements, Jason Abernathy
  • Friday 1:45pm Breakout 2b: How does the church support people dealing with addiction?
    • Presenters: Mark Hicks, Harry Howe
  • Friday 1:45pm Breakout 2c: Helping Youth Struggling with Addiction
    • Presenters: Tim Perry, Nina Hancock

Friday 2:45pm – Break and “Meet the Authors (Katelyn Beaty)”

Friday 3:00pm: Plenary: In Weakness, Strength

Worship – Adoration Worship Band

Speaker – Andy Crouch

Friday 4:00pm: Break and “Meet the Authors (Andy Crouch)”

Friday 4:15pm Plenary Panel: The Power of Holy Friendship to Reshape and Reclaim our Lives

Moderator – Roger Leonard

Panel members – Warren Kinghorn, John Swinton, Ray Barfield, individuals in recovery

Friday 5:30pm – Adjourn for the day


Saturday 8:00am – Registration and Breakfast (Sponsored by Chick Fil A)

Saturday 9:00am – Plenary: Reclaiming Broken Bodies: Reflections on the opioid crisis from an Appalachian theologian and former clinician to coal miners

Worship – Adoration Worship Band

Welcome from Ballad Health – Alan Levine

Speaker – Joel Shuman

Respondent – Tal Stanley

Saturday 10:15am – Break and “Meet the Author (Joel Shuman & Tal Stanley)”

Saturday 10:30am – Breakout 3: Mobilizing the Faith Community

  • Saturday 10:30am Breakout 3a: Healing is possible: Stories and pathways to recovery

Moderator: Teresa Viers

Presenters: Monty Burks, Individuals in recovery

  • Saturday 10:30am Breakout 3b: You can help! Everyday action steps for ordinary Christians
    • Speakers: Andi Clements, John Swinton, Individual in recovery
  • Saturday 10:30am Breakout 3c: Get involved! Join local ministries that support those affected by the opioid crisis

Moderator: Becky Haas

Presenters: Audra Morrow Director of Safe Families; Maurice Widener, TN Dept. of Corrections Chaplain, NE Correctional Facility; Ashton Belcher, Chair, TN Reentry Collaborative (TREC) , Adam Taylor, App Community Federal Credit Union and Robin Crumley, Washington County/Johnson City Boys and Girls Club

Saturday 12:00pm – Networking Exposition and Lunch (Sponsored by Chick Fil A)

Saturday 1:30pm – Final Plenary: Helping the Babies by Loving the Moms

Worship – Adoration Worship Band

Speakers – Rebekah Fetzer, Susannah’s House, Knoxville, Meghan Denney, Susannah’s House former resident

Summarizing Thoughts – Andy Crouch

Closing Comments – Roger Leonard

Closing Prayer – Vincent Dial

Saturday 3:00pm – Adjourn